Canaan Valley is a famous uphill skiing spot in northeastern Tucker County, West Virginia. Though not completely developed, this valley is still considered as a well-known tourist spot for foreign and local visitors. It is associated with the Canaan Valley Resort State Park and Blackwater Falls State Park.

Because of its high elevation, Canaan Valley serves as a perfect place for people who enjoy the wonders of the snow. Skiing (cross-country and downhill) is the most renowned activity in the valley, but there are other recreational activities such as fishing, wildlife viewing, camping, leaf peeping, bird hunting and more.

In 1974, Canaan Valley was named "National Natural Landmark" for its Pleistocene habitats that are very rare in the eastern United States. In addition to this, almost 70% of the place has become the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, making it the nation's 500th wildlife refuge nationwide.